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For those of you who haven't seen a Windows 8 blue screen yet, here.

It's softer than a "sad Mac," and compared to the blue screens of yore, it's a goddamned Hallmark card.  As you can see in the image, in many cases it will even restart FOR you.

The more complicated systems get, the more diverse the collection of software any given user could possibly have on their machine becomes, and the harder it is to keep everything in balance and insure that interactions are safe.  As such, crashes become more and more a part of life - just something to be accepted by the casual user, albeit often with a proclamation that the device is a piece of shit.  I wonder if psychological research was done to determine that this gentle blue screen of poutyness* caused fewer incidents of angry tech support calls and/or computers being thrown through office windows.

MRS. SHOEBOX'S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY'S STRIP:  *snort*  That's really weird!


* I initially wrote this as "poutiness" but I worried my Canadian readers might think I had misspelled "poutines."  I still don't know how you guys eat that stuff, but we haven't even adopted the metric system yet down here, so who am I to judge?
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Man At Computer 2

04/23/2015 11:42 am
Is it just me, or does our protagonist kinda look like Ed Begley Jr?

Jon Lennox
04/23/2015 03:04 pm
Wow, someone's running Windows 8 on a machine with a CRT?

04/23/2015 03:23 pm
The guy at the computer looks sad. Now I'm sad, even though I'm laughing. :(

04/24/2015 09:08 am
For Windows 9 they'll just have a picture of a sad kitten saying I CAN HAZ REBOOT?

Brass Orchid
04/24/2015 10:25 am
There is no Weendoes 9. They go right to Weendoes 10.
I'm hoping they will have Gyrate's sad kitten, hanging by one paw from a tree branch above a puddle with a scolding bird on the tree branch. Left of the kitten, they can have the " I CAN HAZ REBOOT? ", and information for the user can be in the scolding bird's word balloon, like:
"Nice going, [name]. Your video driver just flaked out!"
I'm sticking with Win7 for now and skipping Win ME-VISTA-8.

Theo Bromine
04/24/2015 06:03 pm
@Brass Orchid: You may already know this, but apparently the reason there is no Windoze 9 is that it would be confusing for all the legacy software out there that does a check for Windows 9*. (Of course, now that they are into double digits, there will be a whole pile of other things to go wrong.)

04/24/2015 11:09 pm
LOL on comic and comments. thanks all- needed it today!!

04/25/2015 02:01 am
Dude, poutine is delicious.

Brass Orchid
04/25/2015 09:18 am
@Theo Bromine : Yes. As it turns out, there are some lazy or elegantly clever bits of code in many place that just check the version for "Windows 9", which would show up for 95, 98 or 98se. You get to test for all three with one variable test then. If your code is recent, it won't run on any of those systems, which preceded NT integration.
This is what happens when you are creative and clever, rather than plodding and methodical, and are tethered to a Tatooine sandcrawler.

Brass Orchid
04/28/2015 09:17 am
And for the record... for what it would be costing me, I would expect at LEAST a puppet show.

04/28/2015 09:21 am
Next they'll have Windows Z which will...y'know, I can't be bothered to make a "zombie processes" joke. Just assume that I made it, that it was hilarious, and then we can all move on with our lives.

04/29/2015 08:17 am
"Blue Screen of Well-that's-a-bummer-dude..."

Brass Orchid
04/29/2015 09:27 am
I would also like to see a full-screen image of Uncle Fester and Pugsley blowing up their train set for a System Failure Message. I suppose it would add $10 to the cost of the OS for royalties, but I'm willing to pay it.

Daniel Barkalow
05/04/2015 07:29 am
I'm not surprised. Back in the DOS days, whenever it would boot up successfully, it would give you this big dumb grin, and wear its baseball cap sideways, like "C:\>". And in 2001, they came out with Windows Squeezing-my-eyes-shut-and-sticking-out-my-tongue.

Brass Orchid
05/09/2015 10:02 am
I just had a disturbing thought. What if they are calling me a colon, and adding the parentheses to represent an intestinal blockage which prevents me from getting what is essentially the purpose for my miserable existence, and secretly laughing at me because I am failing to use their product in a manner that assures its proper functioning?
Why, those....

Paul Archer
05/15/2015 06:32 pm
Anyone else wondering where shoebox went?

Brass Orchid
05/16/2015 10:14 am
I presume he is waiting for his Weendoes Ate personal computer to reboot, quietly watching the spinning circle. Watch the circle. Look deep into the circle. Your mind is floating. You have no will.

05/27/2015 08:45 pm
Please...please...come back to us, shoebox.
We know we took you for granted...and now,..
*sniff* I'm-okay-I'm-okay. Just...return to us, Partially Clips.
I'm having to talk to *humans*, and they're horrible!

05/29/2015 05:29 am
More PartiallyClips, please!

Brass Orchid
05/29/2015 09:34 am
Watch the circle.
Look deep into the circle.
Your mind is floating.
You have no will.

06/01/2015 04:28 pm
Where is you?

06/01/2015 04:34 pm
We haven't heard from him since he hung out with this man ... =1&theater ...

06/02/2015 08:34 am
The webcomic that can be seen is not the true webcomic.
If you meet the webcomic artist on the internet, block him!

Brass Orchid
06/02/2015 10:47 am
Deeply concerned, the citizens gathered together, picked up torches and pitchforks and went looking for Shoebox, who entirely mistook their motives and disappeared.

06/02/2015 01:18 pm
Hey guys 'n' gals. Sorry for the abrupt and unexplained disappearance - entirely too many things have been happening lately.

There'll be a new strip up later this week. Thanks for caring.


06/04/2015 08:17 am
Unacceptable. We demand more frequent provision of high-quality free comedic content! Dance for us, Monkey Boy! Dance faster!

Brass Orchid
06/04/2015 09:50 am
What? We were all thinking it.