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It freaks me out when I write a strip that feels too much like a Dilbert.  This one fits that criteria to a greater degree than possibly anything else I've ever written.  There wasn't any direct Scott Adams influence here, though - this came primarily from a conversation with our wondrous Webmistress Sara Trice, who actually showed me a site that allowed you to "download more cores" (I'm not linking it here, but of course it's not malware, I mean, why would it be?)  At any rate, the missus approved the strip, so here it is.

Speaking of a completely different Scott Adams, I just accidentally introduced my son to the Scott Adams Graphic Adventures.  He's never played a text adventure of any sort before, but he took to them immediately, and we've been working through "Voodoo Castle" together for the last couple of days.

On a note that may or may not be related depending on how much psychoanalysis you feel like applying, welcome to the first strip posted in my forties (I say "posted" instead of "written" because I actually laid this out a few days before my birthday.)

MRS. SHOEBOX'S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY'S STRIP: Dammit, I showed it to her a few days ago, and now I can't remember what she said about it, and neither can she.  Curse you, aged brain(s)!

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Businessman On Laptop

J Russell
02/24/2015 09:19 am
I'd be careful about downloading more cores - they might make your computer want to go into SPAAAAAAAAACE.

('s a Portal joke.)

Brass Orchid
02/24/2015 09:48 am
"Just send me a real big file you're not using and I'll delete it and use its memory."
This is the sort of brilliant out-of-the-box thinking that has brought humanity to its current state of near-perfection. We need more people who understand the way things should work, rather than how they have worked in the past.

02/24/2015 10:16 am
It so happened that I read this strip almost straight after today's Dilbert, and yes, it did feel as if I had gone back to the same universe. Great little universe though, so don't worry.

02/25/2015 05:16 pm
There are Graphical Scott Adams Adventure games? Do they let you use commands with more than 3 letters? That seems like cheating.

Brass Orchid
02/26/2015 10:02 am
The Scott Adams Adventure Games legacy goes back quite a way. The latest release is 2013, which surprised me. The ones I have probably won't work on a Windows 7 computer. They are old. Maybe with the virtual XP mode, though. I'm not motivated to try, though.

02/26/2015 06:03 pm
If you can't remember the exact words of Mrs. Shoebox, I recommend the general statement, "She continues to find you an acceptable mating partner."

02/27/2015 12:21 pm
Well, with modern FPGAs, you really can download more cores:

02/27/2015 03:56 pm
I read this and I laughed and laughed... and then I cried just a little bit, because I've had conversations awfully close to this.

02/28/2015 06:41 am
You can play some of the Scott Adams Adventure games free online if you have Java:

03/02/2015 05:01 am
*guffaw* had similar convos myself- and i don't work in IT or a cubicle.... love the outthe poor guy found!

on a related note- happy belated!!

03/02/2015 07:43 pm
@Micah: You mean "If you have Java and are willing to hand its leash to some random thing you found on the internet"?

@Shoebox: I hear 40 is the new 20, so you have to give up drinking for a year.