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I was working on an emergency at my day job 'til 11 last night and had to get a strip up for the papers, so I ran through my pile of "almost ready" pen-on-paper strips and found this one.  So if it feels like it was rushed, then you should feel secure in your rush-sensing abilities.

Welcome back to the magical land of Clipartica, where multicultural children interact on floating ice chunks that somehow support vegetation, leaving me to wonder who the hell would actually use this clip art for any purpose other than mockery.

...Well, okay, I USED to wonder this.  Recently I saw the following in a flier that came home from my son's school advertising a "game night" of some sort:


The fact that I've actually used that particular piece of art made it even more...I don't even know what it made it,  but whatever it was, it was more.



See you next week, people!




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Brass Orchid
01/23/2015 09:12 am
Mockery may be the only possible use of this particular bit of clip art.
Or propaganda, maybe. Even while you sleep, foreign nationals are sneaking up with a scissors to steal your balloon! Wake up, Sheeple!

01/24/2015 05:22 am
Sheesh. Only a guy would imagine that anyone would be envious of multiple boobage. Two is -more- than enough, thanks! ;p

Other than that, I love Cliparctica. The self referencial confusion gets a snirk out of me every time.

Brass Orchid
01/25/2015 09:15 pm
It isn't the six breasts themselves. It is the attention they demand. Nobody likes being upstaged by a freak of nature that places their achievements made by effort and talent into the shadows.

01/27/2015 11:10 am
Ah. *nods* Good point. That would be a lot of milkshake. My apologies, Mr. Shoebox, for my assumptions. ;p