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The idea of taking all the qualities of an older computer and marketing them as advantages amused me, and that had to be what this guy was dong.  I wasn't able to go quite where I wanted with the strip, but it's already a day late, so I'm kicking this one out of the nest.

I remember when I first saw a computer with a mouse-based graphical Atari ST.  I was probably 10 or 11 at the time, and my first response to it was "this is stupid."  I reacted similarly to Windows 3.1 years later...I loved the multitasking, but the idea that I'd need to move a pointer around and click on pretty pictures to get to my programs instead of just entering simple text commands seemed ludicrous.  When Windows 95 came along, launched on startup, and gave you no way to exit to DOS, I was incensed.   And now, I'm...well...old.   And I've made a living programming in Windows for over half of my career now, so apparently somewhere along the way I must have shrugged.

MRS. SHOEBOX'S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY'S STRIP:  That's...extremely strange

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Computer Salesman

Max DeGroot
01/15/2015 04:37 am
Yup, that's a salesman.....and very stupid customer.

Taylor S.
01/15/2015 07:53 am
I think you nailed it on the head, not sure what you could've been going for, but "complete hardware isolation" was perfect for me!

Brass Orchid
01/15/2015 09:34 am
Too bad there wasn't room in a panel for the incorruptible OS on ROM.

James Updike
01/15/2015 12:32 pm
Reminds me of the echo I just bought from Amazon. They decided to try to market the fact that they didn't make it portable or give it a battery a selling point. In the ad they say "It just plugs in so you never have to charge it." Not, "It has to stay plugged in because it has no battery to charge."

01/15/2015 01:57 pm
The company I worked for at the time got an evaluation model Lisa. The thing was so slow and clunky to use that I swore it would never go anywhere and that I was sticking with my Apple ///.

01/15/2015 02:34 pm
Just watched this the other day: it's a game for all the retro computer fans who want a retro-styled game about their retro computer addiction:

James Mitchell
01/15/2015 03:09 pm
I'm just trying to figure out what computer that is. It might almost be a late TRS 80 model 16, but that doesn't feel right. NEC made an all in one in this style as I recall. Perhaps a more obscure business computer from the 1980-84 Cambrian explosion? It looks like the keyboard has a massive number of keys - 120 or more? It seems like those would have to be 8" drives, mounted vertically next to a large desktop screen. I'm thinking half heights, especially given the shape of the door lever, but not sure.

01/15/2015 03:55 pm
I like it! I saw a movie once where a kid was selling an old manual typewriter on eBay and he listed it as a "crash-proof word processor." Sellas can sell!

01/15/2015 05:47 pm
Hate Microsoft so much. Dos 3 to Vista before I quit. Hate hate hate hate hate.

01/15/2015 06:10 pm
In the early DOS/Windows, which it was just a glorified application launcher shell program, it provided a perfect way for our users to run the Accounting application more than once and hose up the database.

Gerry Quinn
01/16/2015 03:40 am

Brass Orchid
01/16/2015 08:41 am
Did I mention the built in all purpose programming and batch process scripting languages?

01/16/2015 04:11 pm
Yeah text based OS is nice *if* you know all the commands and programs. With a GUI you can look at it and see what your options are.

01/16/2015 09:12 pm
No, no, you were right the first time. If you can't script it, it's a waste of time.

Brass Orchid
01/18/2015 08:50 am
And ALL the data drives are hot pluggable, with full mirroring available on command. Offline storage with an air gap is fully implemented.

01/19/2015 04:30 pm
When Xerox originally developed computers with WIndows and a Mouse Pointer, they called them WIMP computers.

01/24/2015 05:11 am
It's very strange how many things/concepts stick around even after they've become just in point, I have rheumatoid arthritis and I told my doctor that it's painful to "push the buttons on my iPhone to dial a number"...even though it has no "buttons" or anything to "push", let alone a dial. >.<

02/25/2015 08:33 am
No, those are 5 Kinch floppy disc drives.
The screen is just that small. XD

02/25/2015 08:36 am
Eh, caught one autocorrect, missed the inch one. This phone ain't no fun. :(
(Although it tried to be - the one I caught wanted to turn disc into disco)

06/10/2015 11:18 pm
This is actually what G.R.R. Martin does. he has a ridiculously old computer he writes game of thrones on because it would require physical breach for someone to hack his stuff and leak it.