Couple Eating Dessert

Comic - Couple Eating Dessert

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This one's scavenged from my "almost good enough to post" pile because I spent the last couple of days fighting a battle against my own stomach contents (I won, but did I really?) and didn't have time to put a new strip together.

This is mostly a true story, except for the last line.  I like the last line because it adds a minor extra punch, but don't like it because it pretty much answers the "best or worst" question, and it's really the question I was trying to focus on here - whether it's better to let your kids build their fantasies as just that and encourage their imagination for imagination's sake, or to show them that their ideas are worth taking seriously and, with some foundation laid under them, can actually get enough traction to exist in the real world?   Obviously both options have merit, and the answer, on a case-by-case basis, depends on several factors, but a good parent will usually realize whether a given suggestion is worth giving serious consideration before spending hours developing blueprints for a fart-powered booger cannon.

Seriously, though, I love moments when I can tell my son "Yes, that thing really can happen, and here's how."

In other news, I'd like to throw a "Happy Birthday" out to my wonderful wife, the ever-tolerant ever-lovely Mrs. Shoebox.

MRS. SHOEBOX'S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY'S STRIP:  Hey, I remember that.  I think I called you a nerd.



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Couple Eating Dessert

Adrian Ogden
12/17/2014 01:15 pm
Maybe if you changed it so the last line left the question unresolved. eg.

HIM: ...Depending on?
HER: How many goals he scored while you were modeling the design on your laptop.

12/17/2014 04:07 pm
I think the last line makes it. Before that he is clearly just the best dad. Kids imaginations are great, but I think it is better to show them how to turn that imagination to use in the real world.

Then the last line shows that the dad really got way too into the project and missed the game. He still seems to be a great dad, but it adds a layer.

One of my favorite strips in a while.

12/17/2014 07:56 pm
Haha. That seems like a fun gimmicky thing that would really sell to today's demographic.

12/17/2014 08:32 pm
Billy should try geohashing (see the link in my username). Each day's hashpoint isn't guaranteed to be new, but it's usually interesting.

12/18/2014 04:17 pm
I think this one works BECAUSE the last line takes it from being a sublime, pause-worthy question to a extremely concrete negative. A solid addition to the PartiallyClips oeuvre.

12/19/2014 12:00 pm
Not having children, I feel eminently qualified to give advice.

Really, though, just in general with people ... if one laments something about the world, just let it stew. If jee pursues it later, you can always ask if jee would really like to fix it. If so, you can offer generalities—"the GPS is just a computer and can be reprogrammed" per the example. And if jee wants more information, you can offer whatever you have.

I have a friend who offers "solutions" to every problem I ever kvetch about. It drives me nuts and I avoid him for that reason. For instance, I had a similar lament about GPS (but for the sake of argument, I'll stick to the comic). I said something like, "it would be neat to have a 'go somewhere I've never been' feature on a GPS, but it wouldn't be commercially viable, so I doubt I'll ever see it" and he pulled out his smartphone and showed me Open Street Maps and how the open source project can be downloaded from github and—holy crap, shut up! It turned me _off_ to the idea so much that it took months before I went back to it.

Brass Orchid
12/20/2014 11:12 am
The only option is to conduct a study in which he randomly pays attention to the game or pursues some passing common interest while the game is going on. If the kid does better when the parent is less involved in the game and more involved in the mutual interest, then that proves absolutely nothing, but at least it was fun.

12/21/2014 03:37 am
Lucky thing I live alone, since it was a pretty loud guffaw. Thanks for this.

12/22/2014 02:35 am
Shared it.

12/24/2014 12:35 am
Happy birthday, Mrs 'boX!! love the segue from ever-tolerant, ever-lovely to "i think i called you a nerd" lolol

Hope you have a wonderful holiday/at least extra day off? :D

06/21/2015 09:19 am
the posts saying that he's a terrible dad seem very hypocritical... If the new app makes dad (and the family) boatloads of cash I suspect you would then be saying what a great dad he is, providing for his family. If my dad took an idea of mine and ran with it while I played a game I would feel that he was paying attention to me at least as much as if he witnessed and cheered every goal I made playing that game. Especially if he showed me afterwards what all he had done using my idea, giving me praise and credit for the idea. Now if he tried to claim the idea for his own then we are back to "terrible dad" :)