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I've done emulation jokes before, but this one's very much Calvin and Hobbes-inspired.  It is not inspired by my son, who for some reason has a thing for old technology (here's a photo of his high score on the Atari 800 version of Joust.)

Speaking of the offspring, he recently asked if he could take a stab at some of the blank PartiallyClips layouts I'd printed out that had failed to inspire a strip.  He flew through about a dozen of these in less than an hour.  Here's a couple of the results (layout by me - I'll be showing him how to use Photoshop in the near future so he can do this himself)

Talking On Phone
Pumpkin Head


Happy Thanksgiving for those of you here in the U.S. of A.!  See you all next week!

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Children In Snow

11/26/2014 05:00 am
Pumpkin Head is a winner!

Brass Orchid
11/26/2014 10:35 am
The old snow has wooden sleds with steel runners and a wide variety of obstacles upon which to impale one's self or crack one's skull. It also features clothing inadequate to the cold and numbness of the extremities. And you would be amazed at how the increased mass and bone length temper enjoyment of being jolted and flung about.

Adrian Ogden
11/26/2014 01:05 pm
The invisible cow dialogue feels very Clipartica, and the punchline (once I'd noticed where the speech ballons were placed) almost made me splorf coffee onto my monitor. Well played, Steve!

11/26/2014 06:23 pm
Invisible cow FTW!

11/26/2014 06:32 pm
Seconded @KCBoy, Pumpkin Head is good.

11/27/2014 02:02 am
Snow was definitely different in my day.. it was packier and more fun. Kids these days, the snow is all just hard and icy. ANd it doesn't show up til thanksgiving. Used to get it in halloween.

Gerry Quinn
11/29/2014 12:09 am
Son has potential!

Brass Orchid
12/01/2014 10:01 am
Of course, the old snow also does not have computers with the internet and television with 200 channels, so it may be argued that the new snow is not nearly as much fun as the old snow.

12/06/2014 03:32 pm
Your kid has definitely been warped. keep up the good work!! :D

I caught the Calvin and Hobbes vibe too-it works well with technology jokes somehow :)

Some of you might enjoy Cline's Ready Player One. It's a book about a cyberquest/race to beat the bad guys, using geek knowledge about videogames, music, movies and tv shows from the 80s. i really found it fun :D this strip reminded me of it