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I'm guessing this clip art was meant to represent someone being "buried in paperwork" or something, but all I saw when I looked at it was a guy in a suit having a physical altercation with a sentient computer from one of those 80's movies about computers being sentient.  This put me in a "where are they now?" line of thinking - HAL-9000, Max from Flight of the Navigator, WOPR from Wargames, ROK from Airplane II, Max Headroom, and even Johnny 5 would all, at least on a technical level, be hopelessly obsolete by now.  Granted upgrades are possible, but although you can buy a kit to hook a hard drive up to an Atari 800, it's still not going to run Call of Duty.

The guy's dialog was screaming for an "I have needs!" but I refrained, as I was trying to keep any perception of a romantic relationship in the mind of the computer.  This effort was an attempt to mitigate my fear that this strip will be perceived as a misogynistic justification of infidelity based on a partner getting old, which was not my intent.

As far as what E.D.I.T.H. might stand for, I leave that up to you.

MRS. SHOEBOX'S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY'S STRIP: I think that works. And..."Educational Device In The Hay-ouuuuse!"

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Buried in Computer Paper

10/22/2014 04:34 pm
We were watching Scorpion last night, I'm not sure why we do, and they were interfacing Ethernet-equipped laptops with what looked like a very old IBM 370, it might have been a 360. And they were transferring compressed files in to it. Did those beasts do that? Granted, the way that EBCDIC handles numeric fields is a form of compression, but doing things like Zip files? I don't think so.

But this strip was awesome!

10/22/2014 07:03 pm
I did my first data compression on cards, in 1968 or so, Just RLE, not Huffman or anything exotic. And you can run Linux (or AIX) on the Z-series that descended from the 360. But Scorpion? Seriously. The show where they had to dangle a CAT5 from a jet and pace it with a car, because WiFi to the plane wouldn't work "because speed", but WiFi to the car pacing the plane, no problem? One episode was (more than) enough.
Yeah loved the strip, though. Adolecense of P1 anybody?

10/22/2014 07:11 pm
I just love the idea that she probably printed out a ton of green and white paper with angry messages on it and sprayed it all over him

Million zillion
10/23/2014 02:18 am
"I was in love once. A Sinclair ZX81. People said, no, Holly, she's not for you. She's cheap, she's stupid and she wouldn't load, well, not for me anyway." - Red Dwarf, Stasis Leak

10/23/2014 09:40 am
Granted upgrades are possible, but although you can buy a kit to hook a hard drive up to an Atari 800, it’s still not going to run Call of Duty.

No, but by the time you're talking about sophisticated AI, you have to assume they're capable of porting their software to new hardware. Might have been an 8088 back in the day, but no reason they;d not be running on secretly-developed quantum hardeare now...

Brass Orchid
10/23/2014 10:23 am
@Simon: Whatever you do, do NOT suggest a cosmetic upgrade to a "faster processor" and "more abundant storage" scheme. No sophisticated AI is going to let that slide.

10/23/2014 07:30 pm


Matthew Berg
10/25/2014 02:21 am
Wait ... you bring up 1980s sentient computer movies in the context of a love triangle and don't mention Electric Dreams? For shame, sir. For shame.

Brass Orchid
10/26/2014 10:11 am
Sort of makes me wonder why he loaded ARGUMENT DISK 1.
Does he just always leave that in the floppy drive or what?
I'm detecting a sick and twisted self destructive individual here.

10/27/2014 04:09 am


(Although Mrs. Shoebox's was better...:P)


07/03/2015 08:02 pm
"That used to be enough for you!"

I loved that line.